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Unity Debug with Rider-EAP On OSX

So Project Rider recently went EAP and I was eager to get it running on my Mac to see if it would be a viable replacement to Monodevelop or VSCode for Unity Development. Rider does not currently have Unity Debuging out of the box, VSCode is able to so I did some digging and was able to get Rider to connect to Unity and debug. It was easier than I thought it would be to get debugging in Rider.

Back to basics

As 2016 begins I feel like it’s time to have a go at documenting my ramblings. Not that anyone should care but I will start off with a disclaimer. I can not be held responsible for any typos encountered. If you leave me a comment I will try and respond to it. This year I will be blogging about: My dealings with home automation and Home Ginie. My encounters with Dot Net Core.

Unofficial Unity Asset Store (Android)

Back when you were not able to access the Unity Asset store from out side the client, I built this Android app that would spoof the user agent of the client and allow you to browse the store on your mobile device. The app is built using the Android SDK and is written in java. For an app description or to download it, you can give it a go on the Google Play store here.


AndBuddy is a hosting solution I created to provide free file hosting for Android App and Rom developers. The aim of the site is to give developers a free way to distribute their Roms and Apps without having to pay bandwith charges. I also created an Android app which allowed you to download files directly to your device but it has not been distributed.   Check out AndBuddy here.  

EatNow (Android)

EatNow is a little project built for a friend that is into body building. He needed an application to help remind him when his next meal was. The app is a simple reminder app that allows the user to set interviled reminders. They can then postpone these reminders if they are not able to eat at that current time. The App was built using the Android SDK and written in Java and is currently available on the Google Play Store here.

Thomas Home Developments

Thomas Home Developments is a website built for an independent home development company expanding thier market to the online space. The site was developed with WordPress as the back-end enabling the customer to update the content on his site. The site is available here.

Artsy Dodger (Android)

Produced in 2010 as part of an independent start up called Extreme Lime Games, using Java and AndEngine. Artsy Dodger for Android retains the gameplay of a Flash game created as a university project by J Perrin. The game features perspective 3D rendered graphics and a global high score leaderboard (implemented with aHighScore). The project took 3 months which allowed us to learn the Android SDK and optimise the game for the Android operating system.

Blinded Faith

Side-scrolling game produced for a third-year University assignment as part of a team, programmed using C# and the NeoAxis Engine. Controllable with the keyboard or an Xbox 360 gamepad. Set in a steam-punk era, an assassin attempts to murder the emperor of a kingdom, and the emperor’s personal guard is tasked with tracking her down. But he will eventually learn that the emperor is not the benevolent ruler he considered him to be…

Comex 2010 Trailer

The trailer below was created in joint by a university colleague and myself. The trailer was to promote Comex which is the yearly games exhibition at the university. The trailer was created using a combination of 3D Studio Max, Photoshop and Adobe Premier.   Comex 2010

The Park Trailer

The park was a trailer made for a concept movie as a University assignment. I developed the trailer in a team of 4 other individuals. All the CGI elements and animations were hand crafted in a combination of 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premire. You can see the trailer and some videos on the creation possess below.   The Trailer   Making of The Park   The Park PreVis